He can fly i tell you.

he-can-flyIt’s alive i tell you, don’t eat it.

it's-alive-i-tell-youYou can’t touch me.

you-can't-touch-meI said stop talking.

stop-talkingMy birthday not yours.

my-birthday-not-yoursSomeone stop him.

someone-stop-himIs that me on the laptop?

is-that meO well next time i’m sure.

o-well-next-timeNew shoes for me

new-shoesIt’s not recycled.

it's-not-recycledIt’s not cheesecake damit.

it's-not-cheesecakeHeads up, incoming.

incomingIt’s good for you, just eat it.

it's-good-for-youHow to be a douchebag.

how-to-be-a-douchebagHave some honey and BEEEES.

have-some-honeyGot you copers speeding.

got-you-copersGoing fishing in 3, 2, 1, splash.

going-for-a-swimWhere is the bone, what’s going on.

don't-forgetTwo cubs of sugar please. NOOOOO